Aspetti socio-legali delle stampanti 3D

Dal Politecnico di Torino un seminario sugli aspetti legali dell’uso di stampanti 3D

Controlling disruption: socio-legal aspects of 3D printing
In streaming Venerdì 13 marzo 2015 alle 16. Friday, March 13 from 16.00.

Angela Daly: Research fellow, Swinburne Institute for Social Research (Australia)

In her talk, Angela Daly explains how existing laws apply to 3D printing. What 3D printing is will be explained, followed by a consideration of 3D printing’s interaction with existing areas of law, namely:
•    intellectual property
•    constitutional and fundamental rights
•    product liability
•    medical regulation
•    arms control
Angela Daly considers how the decentralised nature of 3D printing, along with its personal computer and Internet companions, create the theoretical possibility of less effective enforcement of these laws and regulation. Some thoughts will also be given on how well real-life attempts to regulate 3D printing, through DMCA takedown notices aimed at removing 3DP design files in alleged infringement of others’ IP and the legislative responses to the ‘Liberator’ 3D printed gun controversy have fared. Final comments will be made on whether current legal conceptions in intellectual property, constitutional rights and product liability, for instance, are rendered redundant by the technological advances contained within 3D printing and whether, in light of this, their reconsideration is necessary.


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