Lavoro, tecnologia e diritti, tre seminari a Parigi

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Il mondo del lavoro digitale e le sue evoluzioni. Tre appuntamenti a Parigi, in inglese, per il prossimo mese

ENDL European Network on Digital Labour sta organizzando, per il prossimo aprile, tre seminari a Parigi sull’evoluzione del mondo del lavoro digitale. Endl è un Network Europeo, nato recentemente, che riunisce sociologi, esperti in comunicazione, economisti che già da tempo lavorano autonomamente sul tema.

Il 3 aprile alle 14.00, presso l’École des Mines Sarah T. Roberts terrà la conferenza: Social Media’s Clean-Up Crew: Commercial Content Moderation and the Hidden Human Labor of the Internet

Il 6 aprile invece, France Stratégie, in collaborazione con l’EHESS (École des hautes études en sciences sociales) e Inria (L’Institut national de recherche en informatique et en automatique) all’interno del ciclo di dibattiti “Mutazioni sociali, mutazioni tecnologiche” ospiterà l’incontro “The Cybertariat” con Ursula Huws (Professor of Labour and Globalisation, University of Hertfordshire Business School) and Antonio Casilli (maître de conférences en humanités numériques à Telecom ParisTech et chercheur au Centre Edgar-Morin).

Per concludere il 10 aprile, l’EHESS (École des hautes études en sciences sociales) ospiterà Mary L. Gray, capo ricercatrice a Microsoft Research e membro del Berkman Center for Internet and Society dell’Università di Harvard. Titolo dell’incontro: What is Going On Behind the API? Artificial Intelligence, Digital Labor and the Paradox of Automation’s “Last Mile.

La descrizione del primo appuntamento:

Commercial content moderation (CCM) is the large-scale screening by humans of content uploaded to social media sites—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and others.

Increasingly, social media platforms rely on massive quantities of UGC data to populate them and to drive user engagement; with that increase has come the need for platforms and sites to enforce their rules and relevant or applicable laws, as the posting of inappropriate content is considered a major source of liability.

Following six years of study of the practices of CCM and the workers who undertake it, Roberts connects the threads of this globalized, low-status and little known practice to other phenomena in the digital economy, such as precarity, deregulation, and other types of “disruption” often to the detriment of workers.

CCM as undertaken in Silicon Valley, USA, and Manila, Philippines (the top site of call center work in the world) will be described and discussed, and the political and social implications and costs will be described.

Il terzo appuntamento

On-demand digital labor has become the core “operating system” for a range of on-demand services. It is also vital to the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) systems built to supplement or replace humans in industries ranging from tax preparation, like LegalZoom, to digital personal assistants, like Alexa.

This presentation shares research that starts from the position that on-demand “crowdwork”—intelligent systems that blend AI and humans-in-the-loop to deliver paid services through an application programming interface (API)—will dominate the future of work by both buttressing the operations of future enterprises and advancing automation.

For two years Mary L Gray and computer scientist Siddharth Suri have combined ethnographic fieldwork and computational analysis to understand the demographics, motivations, resources, skills and strategies workers drawn on to optimize their participation in this nascent but growing form of employment.  Crowdwork systems are not, simply, technologies. They are sites of labor with complicated social dynamics that, ultimately, hold value and require recognition to be sustainable forms of work.




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