Directa Plus, a new generation of nanomaterials

Directa Plus is a technology company pursuing the development and marketing of innovative manufacturing processes for the production of a new generation of nanomaterials targeting existing global markets. The company was founded in 2005. The company headquarter is located in Italy, inside the Como Science and Technology Park.

Directa Plus owns two production technologies, which are covered by proprietary trade secrets and patented intellectual property:

• G+ technology: leads to products based on graphene with its specific technical characteristics
• D+ technology: leads to nanoscale metal particles and nanoalloys, for applications in the field of catalysts, utilizing versatile raw materials such as metal carbonyls

Nanomaterials produced by Directa Plus can immediately satisfy existing market demands because they can be easily engineered in line with the needs of specific applications. Directa Plus proposes entering current markets with a high volume of products and high technology, while maintaining reasonable and accessible costs.

Interview with Giulio Cesareo, CEO of Directa Plus. Edited by Triwù.


Directa Plus
c/o Parco Scientifico di ComoNExT
Via Cavour, 2
22074 – Lomazzo (Co)


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