An interview with Andrea Ferrari and Vittorio Pellegrini, italian authors of a study on the graphene applications for innovative sensors

The graphene applications do multiply themselves; in the near future many of the technological components of our everyday life will be based on this material.

Today we would like to show a special application, because it is italian and is revolutionary. A team of researchers from the Nanoscience Institute of CNR (CNR-Nano), together with Universities of Cambridge and Montpellier, developed sensors made in graphene, able to capture waves at very high frequency (“terahertz waves”).

Federico Pedrocchi interviews Vittorio Pellegrini, author of the study published on Nature Materials, and Andrea Ferrari, co-author and representative of the group of Cambridge. Ferrari and Pellegrini are “Graphene Flagship” coordinators for the United Kingdom and Italy.

In the first video Andrea Ferrari explains peculiarities of graphene, which are at the reason of the large European investment.

In the second video, Vittorio Pellegrini shows the discovery and explains its application.

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